Shift Change

Picture of an ore crane - which looks like a truss bridge with three big metal claws hanging by cables underneath it - and a steel road bridge with pedestrians crossing it in three little clusters, each positioned just to the left of each of the three ore crane claws. Behind the crane and the bridge appears a musical staff; the pedestrians appear to be walking in front of the bass part of the staff while the ore crane appears in front of the treble part. Above the crane and bridge, each aligned horizontally with the three clusters of pedestrians, three square clocks appear among smokey clouds. Their times read 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and midnight, respectively, and in that order from left to right. Below the bridge, a faint landscape appears, with railroad tracks extending into the distance and the smoke of a locomotive that's just crossed over the horizon.
Shift Change, 2022. Screen print on paper.