My family’s history—and my role in writing it—is central to my work. The participation of my family members in my practice is crucial to understanding the way we share stories and have taught each other to make art. I focus on how we transfer our knowledge and history, orally and through the accretion and loss of artifacts. Our shared material forms the bases of many of my projects, executed through a range of media—including drawing, screenprinting, video and web development—each of which I have chosen to compliment the artifacts or stories from which I work.

I am an interdisciplinary artist and developer with a background in Fine Arts and Human Computer Interaction. I have exhibited solo at the Frame Gallery in Pittsburgh, exhibited collaboratively at MuseumLab and the Fabric Workshop and Museum, and performed at the Pennsylvania Center for Women in Politics and North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Process Series. I earned my BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 2020. Raised in Boston, I currently live in Washington DC, where I work as a freelance designer, developer and content manager, frequently for Richard Lewis Media Group and Remake Learning Days.

Please feel free to get in contact with me at joshuakery1@gmail.com