Machine Braces

jkery braces worn broom

I often consider how I can trace my own behavior and artistic skill back to my parents.

jkery braces worn pose

I wore these 'machine' braces, with handles attached at the elbows, and asked my mother to use them to puppeteer me in the tasks of writing and sweeping.

jkery braces worn writing

If I were a machine, then my parents, both artists themselves, are my operators; they have programmed my daily actions and practice because they have taught me to work, to read and write, and to draw. This piece intends to shorten the distance of time and space by which I see my parents 'programming' my practice.

jkery braces obj side left jkery braces obj disc detail jkery braces obj open double jkery braces obj wrist detail jkery braces obj standing