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We Design Card Deck

An Educational Card Deck Accompanying Design Museum Everywhere's We Design Exhibition

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Educational Card Deck


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education


Sept - Oct 2020


Research, Writing, Source Checking


Mimi Shalf
Diana Navarrete-Rackauckas


This We Design Exhibition card deck is designed to accompany Design Museum Everywhere's online exhibition, We Design.

From the exhibition:

"Our latest exhibition brings together creatives from a wide range of backgrounds to examine and celebrate the range of career paths, applications, and impact in design."

This card deck pairs the exhibition content with written prompts that invite reflection on our career paths and our relationship to the communities in which we design and live.


The Design Museum Education Programs team revised a minimally sourced, original card deck to produce this latest deck, featuring 20 new cards researched, written, and source-checked.

For more information regarding my work on this project, please reach out to me.


sources sample

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