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Resource Document: Design Programs for Teens

Resource Creation


Resource List for teens interested in design


September 2020




List of 90+ teen programs in design fields

For teens interested in design across the United States

Prepared with a focus on teen participants in the Neighborhood Design Project with Design Museum


In addition to being a resource for teens looking to pursue work in design, this programming list serves as a benchmarking tool for Design Museum to evaluate its education programs, like Neighborhood Design Project and Summer Design Project.

funding breakdown

Teen participants were financially compensated for their time in Neighorhood Design Project—a model that sets Neighborhood Design Project and its peer programs apart from the majority of youth education programs centered on design.

state breakdown location breakdown remote breakdown

Neighborhood Design Project was offered in Cambridge at the beginning of 2020.

Unlike many design programs this year, Summer Design Project was offered remotely in 2020.

serving high school serving middle school

Both programs aimed at educating students ages 14-18.